Inspirational movie time 🍿

Bonjour, Today I wanna do a review on a very special movie I saw. I'm sure you've seen it too. And I'm sure you adore it. I've had the soundtrack on repeat for ages now. I just can't get enough. I'm of course talking about the movie The Greatest Showman which depicts the life story... Continue Reading →


Living organized: my 2019 planners

It's early still, but the end of year is approaching fast. So it is definitely time to wonder about the upcoming year and plan ahead. For 2018, I used the acclaimed Happiness planner which is very pretty, sturdy and useful. However there were many days I couldn't fill and it's a shame. That's why this... Continue Reading →

What have you got planned for this new season? I'm just excited for colder weather, hot chocolate and chunky knits.

Blog revamp!

It's finally time to talk about why I created this new blog. So, I used to have another blog on the Strikingly platform but even though it looked great, it wasn't getting the awaited amount of visits and it seems it wasn't even searchable online so it was kind of a problem as the purpose... Continue Reading →

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